25 Q&A Sites on Becoming a Nurse

When getting a nursing education, it is common to have more questions than answers. If you are stuck in between classes, or worse, a patient with a pressing question, finding knowledgeable and timely advice can be a tricky thing. Even in the age of Google, it is still difficult to type in a question and get a reliable answer.

To help keep the bogus information away, we have gathered 25 Q & A sites on becoming a nurse. They are authored by recognized authorities in nursing, actual nurses, and even offer a few options to send in your own private questions. Whether you need answers on how to pass the national nursing exam or if you should have that spot checked out, you are sure to find tons of information below.

General Q&A Sites on Becoming a Nurse

  1. Registered Nurses Stop here first to learn all you need to know about becoming a registered nurse from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They have the most comprehensive information on nurses nationwide including education requirements, job outlook, and salary. You can also read about related careers such as acute care nurses and nurse practitioners.

  2. 10 Steps to Becoming a Nurse Get a sort of Top Ten to becoming a nurse from Nursing Link. They include guides for every step from learning to preparing for your first year as a nurse. The site also has tons of other Q & A resources for nurses.

  3. About Nursing Learn more about the basics of nursing in this section of Nursing World. Part of the American Nurses Association, they have more on what a nurse is, what education they need, and even items on advanced practice nursing. The main site has tons more on nursing ethics, practice, and even health care policy.

  4. American Association of Colleges of Nursing They offer a special section just for nursing students, complete with guides for education programs and financial aid. They also offer several nursing awards themselves and have more on it. You can also use the site to look up network, faculty, and even legislation on nursing.

  5. Nurse.com If you have a question involving the latest in nursing news, chances are the answer is here. They have loads of headlines, as well as job postings, continuing education, and events for nurses. Be sure not to miss the active community if you still have a nursing question.

  6. All Nurses Stop here for the latest discussions for and by nurses. They have special sections for practicing nurses, students, and even by region. You can also read the latest blogs, the most current of which are on pancreatic cancer.

  7. Discover Nursing Learn the who, what, why, and how of becoming a nurse with a visit here. Not only do they have an area where amazing nurses can be nominated for awards, but they also have nursing fun here. You can even read profiles of actual nurses online.

  8. Nurse Zone This comprehensive site has the answer to just about every nursing question imaginable. They have sections for students, professional nurses, and even recent graduates. Current popular items include the best hospitals and even a study on nurses’ health.

Specific Q&A Sites on Becoming a Nurse

  1. NCLEX Have questions about the national exam nurses are required to take? Then stop by the official site to get more on the exam including test plans. They also offer exam statistics and research, as well as more advanced exams for advanced nurses. There are also items for consumers and faculty.

  2. Test Review Need some off-brand help on passing the NCLEX? Then stop here to get a site that has loads of resources from study guides to flash cards. You can also learn more about nursing careers from cardiac care to trauma nurse.

  3. NLN Dataview Want to learn more about nursing education? Then stop here to get the data from the National League for Nursing. They have graphs and charts for admissions, applications, geography, and much more.

  4. Nurse.org Have a question about nursing that is particular to your state? Then visit here to learn more. They list nursing information by state, as well as acts, regulations, and boards of nursing.

  5. National Student Nurses Association If studying to become a nurse, you may have a few questions on the benefits of joining an association. The NSNA is one of the largest and are only 4,000 people short of their current goal of 60,000 members. Visit to learn more about what they do, including providing scholarships, as well as chat, resources, publications, and a career center.

  6. Student Nurse Journey This is more of an informational site than the above. Stop by to learn more about classes you’ll take as a nurse, clinical topics, and even practice areas. There are also tips for the NCLEX and starting a career.

  7. Ask the Nurse Expert This nurse gets over one thousand questions a day and does his best to answer them all. Sort through the archives for questions already asked and answered. You can also use the application form on the right hand column to send in your questions.

  8. Ask a Nurse Need a quicker answer from a nurse? Many care facilities have ask-a-nurse hotlines, but how to find one? McKesson is one of the few to have facilities nationwide and you can use this map to find one in your area and ask a nurse over the phone.

Q&A Sites on Becoming a Specialty Nurse

  1. Royal College of Nursing Want to be a nurse in the United Kingdom? Then stop by the sites of one of their premiere schools to find out what it takes. You can also get news, forums, and job information.

  2. Canadian Nurses Association If thinking about becoming a nurse in Canada, stop here. The CAN has loads of information on nursing in Canada and abroad. You can also get news, issues, publications, and resources.

  3. Nurse in Australia Learn more about nursing Down Under on this site. There are guides for beginning nurses here, as well as those who travel. Popular posts include “Categories of Nursing in Australia” and “Nursing Wages in Queensland, Australia.”

  4. Travel Nursing If the idea of nursing in a foreign country appeals to you, click here. This site can answer all your questions on becoming a travel nurse, Sections include pay and benefits, nursing jobs, housing, and other FAQs.

  5. American Psychiatric Nurses Association The APNA is committed to the specialty practice of psychiatric-mental health nursing and wellness promotion. Learn more about this profession through their Member Bridge, which offers forums, blogs, news, and more. You can also learn about chapters in your state or take advantage of their many online resources.

  6. American Association of Critical Care Nurses Learn more about this practice of nursing with a visit here. It is divided into three sections: clinical practice, certification, and education. There is also a community with chapters across the nation and volunteer opportunities.

  7. American College of Nurse-Midwives This site has answers for those who want to help deliver babies as part of their nursing practice. The education section has more on what the training and qualifications are for becoming a midwife. You can also learn more about how professional midwives operate and even get the latest news on the career.

  8. Society of Pediatric Nurses The mission of the SPN is to promote excellence in the nursing care of children and their families. Learn about what certification has to offer and even get more information on the awards and scholarships they offer with a visit. There is also an FAQ, documents, and a journal with more on the topic.

  9. Work at Home Nursing Jobs With the right education and the right employer, you can work from home as a nurse. Check out About.com’s Laureen Miles Brunelli for companies that hire work at home nurses and more about what is required. She also has much more information on other medical careers.

Be sure and use caution whenever following any of the medical advice read on the above 25 Q & A sites on becoming a nurse. Consulting a licensed physician is still the best way to get answers to individual medical questions. If you are studying to be a nurse, there are many places to find answers to questions such as which BSN degree program is right for you or average salary for a nurse.