25 Q&A Sites on Becoming a Nurse

When getting a nursing education, it is common to have more questions than answers. If you are stuck in between classes, or worse, a patient with a pressing question, finding knowledgeable and timely advice can be a tricky thing. Even in the age of Google, it is still difficult to type in a question and get a reliable answer.

To help keep the bogus information away, we have gathered 25 Q & A sites on becoming a nurse. They are authored by recognized authorities in nursing, actual nurses, and even offer a few options to send in your own private questions. Whether you need answers on how to pass the national nursing exam or if you should have that spot checked out, you are sure to find tons of information below.

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Top 25 Forums for Military Nurses

Whether Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, all branches of the military need medical personnel, including nurses. As with civilian nurses, requirements include an accredited degree, the passing of a national exam, and even appropriate combat training to whichever branch recruited in. There are even military nurses in the Army Reserve and National Guard.

If looking to take an education or career in nursing to a patriotic level, have a look at the below top 25 forums for military nurses. There are options for both the military and nursing side of business, along with a few blogs written exclusively by military nurses.

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